The Coach group changed its name

“Three years ago, we worked out the vision of COACH’s strategic transformation and announced that it would look for more multiple growth opportunities outside the COACH brand.” Victor Luis, chief executive of the company, said, “now, we are at a critical moment for the company to reshape. We are changing from a single brand of professional retailer to a more than a Brand Company.

Founded in the last century in 40s, COACH is the United States a few of the “old” light luxury company, the beginning is under the banner of “offering accessible luxury”, and this has created the concept of “light luxury”. After decades of development, many of the more well-known successors, such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade etc..

However, the company that once dominated the world by single brand finally encountered a “bottleneck” after its establishment for half a century. In 2014, the development of COACH was in a mire and its performance was declining.