Coach appointed two new executives

According to the latest statement of American light luxury brand Coach parent company Tapestry released by Givenchy, former president Laura Dubin-Wander will serve as president of Coach North America and Ralph brand, Lauren Fredrik EMEA Malm, the former president will serve as president of the international brand and the European region. After the entry into force, Lauren Dubin-Wander will be responsible for promoting the business development of Coach North American direct retail channel. Fredrik Malm will lead all European branches and supervise the global franchise, distribution and tourism retail business.

In recent years, Gucci has gradually restored its leading position in the luxury industry in Italy. Now it has become the most digitalized luxury brand, and has successfully guided the trend of the industry in the millennial generation. And recently, Gucci again, the official launch of the WeChat small program, with the “self Yan Yan” and the purchase of gift cards two functions. Among them, “self facial features” encourages users to upload their own pictures and generate dynamic expressions by adding Gucci totem.

Recently, Canada yoga clothing brand Lululemon released third quarter earnings, according to its display in the three months ended October 29th, Lululemon sales rose 14% to $619 million, operating profit fell 8% to $85 million 600 thousand, comparable sales growth of 2%, including sales of electricity providers, retail sales increased by 26%. The brand will also launch a new website at the end of the quarter.

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